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Why Replacing Teeth is SO Important

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When you experience tooth loss, it is important to both your appearance and your health to replace adult teeth as soon as possible. Among the general population, there seem to be some common misconceptions regarding tooth replacement. Some people believe that teeth need only be replaced if they are visible front teeth in order to preserve the appearance of your smile, while others consider restoring only the back teeth to maintain the chewing function. In fact, each of your teeth performs a much needed function. Dr. Adelman and his staff can replace your missing teeth tailoring your treatment to your lifestyle and budget.

Key Reasons to Replace Adult Teeth

Your smile is one of the first things that people notice when they meet you. A beautiful smile is a sign of health and youth. Missing teeth, however, can have a negative effect, impacting your appearance and harming your confidence. Tooth loss can also change your diet, forcing you to eat only soft foods. You may not be able to acquire the necessary nutrients for proper nutrition. This can result in digestive issues and overall poor health.

Tooth loss causes additional tooth loss. When you lose a tooth on the lower jaw, for example, the upper tooth that relied upon its opposing force will eventually grow down and loosen without the contact of your missing tooth. In addition, the adjacent teeth will move and shift to fill the gap created by your lost tooth, changing your bite making it harder to chew. Changing your bite may cause TMJ issues if it is not stabilized by replacing the missing teeth

There is no reason to sacrifice your appearance or your health when there are so many options available to replace adult teeth. Come see Dr. Adelman and his staff and they will present you with your options.

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